Competition Process Competition Process

From the 30th of November, registered users will have access to a shared folder Datathon Datasets, accessible from the user's workspace (folder icon), from which the datasets will be accessible. The OpenAIRE board of experts will remain available for any explanation for the duration of the event. Communications must take place via the platform Forum or (only if really needed as private messages via the platform messaging system or

Participating teams will perform their experiments and before the 28th of February 2018 deliver their results:

  • Output data or analysis;
  • Reproducibility elements: the methods (code, services, scripts) they have used to achieve the results;
  • Documentation: document or slide presentation describing the approach and the information needed for the interpretation of the results.

All material should be made available by the contact for the team in a dedicated folder of the workspace, named after the Team.

Criteria of evaluation Criteria of evaluation

With a calendar agreed with the OpenAIRE board of experts, the participating team will have to present (on-line webinar) their approach and results (5 mins presentation). The OpenAIRE experts board will finally notify the two winning teams. Among criteria of selection of proposal, the board will consider:

  • Innovation
  • Impact on OpenAIRE services and consumers
  • Ease of integration of the methods into the OpenAIRE infrastructure production system

Prizes Prizes

The best two teams will be awarded one Apple iPad Pro per-team, they will be featured on the OpenAIRE web site, and their solution will be considered for integration into the OpenAIRE technical services.

Registration Registration

Teams (could be individuals) must register to the event by sending an email to the organizers ( where they specify:

  • The name of the Team (if none is provided, the name of the contact will be used);
  • The name and email of the Team Contact, which will be granted access to the datasets and be the reference for the team;
  • The names and emails of the rest of the team members.

Registered members will have privileged access to the datathon portal functionalities, be able to exchange messages with the organizers or other participants, and access to the datasets. Note that as a registered user your profile can be automatically enriched via LinkedIn information.

Teams can register any time before the 15th of January 2018.

Important Dates Important Dates

The OpenAIRE datathon will start the 30th of November 2017 and will end the 28th of February 2018. During these three months, Teams will be able to register any time until the 15th of January 2018, after such a date registrations will be closed.